Several times a year, MUGSS finds itself on one or two coaches going or coming back from somewhere. And, as a group of people who put on an operetta/musical are want to do, we sing.

In the (usually fruitless) quest to sing the same words, we have a set of songsheets containing some of the songs we sing. Here they are:

We have also been known to sing the more interesting/colourful/rude versions of the above. We also have a PDF songbook for normal printing in order or a page-reordered version for printing as a booklet.

Notes for songs where they're missing would be gratefully received by the webmaster.

If you're going add your own songs and print off your own songbook for a MUGSS trip, please don't use numbers for your additional songs (use letters, roman numerals, pictures of kittens). It will make life far easier when yours get mixed in with the MUGSS set, so next time people with your version at least stand a remote chance of both ends of the coach singing the same song.