Crew Jobs

Can I be in the crew?
Yes, of course you can. We need people with experience for the management roles, but other than that the crew is open to anyone who wants to be involved. So even if you've never worked back stage before and think it might be fun then please come along to rehearsals – the production team need you to help make the show a success.

What do the crew do?
Under the guidance of the Production Manager, it is the responsibility of the crew to create the physical aspect of the show. This involves the design and construction of set, stage management, lighting, sound, costumes, props and planning. Essentially, to generate somewhere for the cast to stand, sit, be lit, dressed, have things to hold and be forewarned about walls.

But it's not all about working towards and performing the show. The crew take an active part in the social side of MUGSS as well. All the social events in the society are open to both the crew and cast, so you get the chance to meet a wide range of new people as well as taking part in a great production.

Some of the larger things the crew get involved with include:

So how do I contact the crew?
Drop , our production manager an e-mail at or come along to any of our rehearsals.