Crew Information

The crew do everything that doesn't involve singing or dancing on stage! This covers the obvious scenery, lighting and costumes, but also front of house, props, video and sound recording and a whole host of other things.

The crew meet every Wednesday up till the show. We meet at the Arch. There's also the opportunity to talk about the show, or just have a good natter, either before or after moving to the pub. Set building takes place on Thursday evenings, as well as at weekends it's usually announced on the society mailing lists. Anyone is welcome to come along and help.

smoke, lights and a tomb - operated by the crew

There is also a whole lot more besides set to be done — costumes play a large part in the show (people might complain if they didn't!) and these are usually made from scratch, by a team from both the crew and cast, fed on tea and biscuits. There are also props to be begged, borrowed or made, as well as publicity material to create and distribute.

We also produced a video of the show, as well as films to accompany the overture (or was it the other way round?). These all need a team of camera operators, as well as sound recording, followed by much post-processing, all done by Society members.

Lastly (but by no means least), there are the Production and Stage Management teams. The Production team is lead by the Production Manager and is responsible for getting the show to the theatre — the Stage Management team, lead by the Stage Manager take over once it's there.

As you can see, there's plenty to do in the crew, and we need as many people as possible. It doesn't matter how much experience you have — even if you've never lifted a hammer or paint brush before, come and join us and soon enough you'll know the difference between a claw hammer, mallet, chisel and screwdriver!

iolanthe set

There's more information on what we've done before and a list of crew jobs and details of what each one entails. If you're interested in applying for any, or just want to know more, email our Production Manager. Come and join us — you'll certainly have a laugh and you might even learn something useful!

We are committed to working towards being ISO 3103 compliant.

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