Cast Information

The cast are the core of the society. Rehearsing once a week, from the first week of term until the show.

MUGSS welcomes cast members of all abilities and experience, taking those whose last experience of theatre was anywhere from the lead role in a local theatre show, to the part of the grandfather clock in a school play; and performing together in what is usually an award winning show.

On these pages, we have information about what we sing when we warm up, audition notes for those who want to take a principal part in our (or any) show, and finally some elocution exercises.

As the main part of the society, the cast also feature heavily on the quotes board of things that people said, then maybe wished they hadn't, perform lots of cabaret at balls, and other parts of the comedy that is MUGSS. Since MUGSS as a whole has an interest in singing, we have our own songbook used when travelling. We also have other Useful information which you may find handy to know at some point (it's there because we did and wrote it down).

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