What's MUGSS?

Here are some pages about the society for members or those who may wish to join.

Firstly the current bit: the socials and summer hockey. We also have information on how to join and what's happening in fresher's week.

We have information on the roles and activities of the cast, the crew, and the orchestra. The cast and crew are part of the society throughout the year, with our regular cast rehearsals which is also when the crew design, plan and build the sets.

There's also details of how to subscribe to our mailing lists to find out what's happening. If you're still unsure what this Gilbert and Sullivan malarky is all about, try our bluffer's guide to G&S! Our friendly committee run the society and are always willing to talk about something MUGSS related.

And, of course, not missing a chance to show off, there's also a list of the awards we have won and of our Life Honorary Members. There's also information for the Old Soaks to relive their glory days! We can also lend scores and recordings to other groups for a "modest insult".

There's also the MUGSS dictionary of theatrical terms and other useful things that we've created in case you're confused by any words you hear people using at rehearsals or in the arch.

Ruddygore 2015 Cast Photo

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