Cox & Box and Trial By Jury

26th-29th March 2014

Wednesday 27th - Saturday 30th November, The Council Chambers, University of Manchester Students Union, performances at 7.30pm nightly.

Cox & Box

Every student will relate to F.C. Burnand's excellent satire on unscrupulous landlords! The show will be performed, for the first time, with three women. Set in the austere times of post-war London, Miss Cox is pursuing her dream by working for one of the most fashionable London hatters, whilst Miss Box sits up all night working for a newspaper. Unbeknownst to the two women they are both sharing the same room because their landlady, the less than honest Mrs Bouncer, is attempting to get double rent without either tenant realising. With great melodies and cutting wit, this is a gem of satirical opera.

Miss Cox Nancy May
Miss Box Mathlida McNichol
Mrs Bouncer Sophie Brown

Trial by Jury

At the height of the roaring twenties, the glamorous bright young thing Miss Angelina is to sue the dashing young Lord Edwin for breaching promise of marriage. The newspapers are all agog as this famous couple hang their dirty laundry out in public. In this wonderful piece W. S. Gilbert mocks the hypocrisy of old men and the British judicial system in a perceptive examination of gender politics. Trial By Jury is rightly one of Gilbert and Sullivan's most popular and enduring comic operas.

Plaintiff Freya Turton
Defendant Dean Parker
Usher Scott Sharp
Judge Ian Field
Council for Defendant Henry Page
Valet Michael Clark
Foreman of the Jury Laurence Ashcroft
Jurymen Jordan Hulme, Luc Lam, Joe Rohde, Chris (Oldy) Oldfield, Stuart Dunlop
Bridesmaids Emily Dean, Gemma Draper, Harriet Cutchie, Martha Tomlinson

Director Dan Magnone
Musical Director Dave Wishart
Assistant Musical Director Oliver Till
Choreographer Vicki Newton

Hosted by CompSoc Manchester