Meet the Director

Paul O'Neill

Welcome to 'MUGSSians' old and especially new. I'm Paul and I'm bringing my inimitable (some would say unenviable, nay disconcerting) brand of single minded mania to the role of director this year. I'll be the one gesticulating at the front like a gay Phil Mitchell with a Mancunian accent, telling people what to do.

Outside of MUGSS, I've acted and sung in productions ranging from church halls, dinner concerts, university drama and the Buxton Fringe Festival to the Royal Exchange and grand opera, occasionally working with wonderful professional actors and directors and picking up a clutch of uni and local award nominations along the way. 'Yeomen' is my first 'big idea' directorially; previous directorial experience consisting of pretentious devised pieces for A-Level Theatre, and writing and directing a mercifully short play 'Impossible!' at Liverpool University, for which I conned the drama society out of two theatre awards at a heady and glittering evening at one of Wavertree's best hotels. This is a much better idea and will hopefully garner a much larger audience, and with our fantastic cast and crew I'm indecently excited at the prospect of working with society old hands and new Fresher blood to produce something crazy, gothic, original and very special.

When not doing this, I give out nursing advice for Bupa, then go home, ignore my own health tips, bemoan my beloved Everton's defensive frailties, collect ancient pop culture trivia and drink tea.

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