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Grahame Jebb

Directors' Vision

There has been something of a running joke in MUGSS for a few years which runs along the lines of "If Grahame were directing this show..." The options which follow are usually based around outrageously excessive use of props, explosions, martial arts film wire fighting effects, etc.

Ho! Ho! All very funny!

And some of it true.

However, this time, Grahame is co-directing with Mr. Ian Field so the wits of the society will have to come up with something new.

When the show selection process was under way, the first grain of an idea was planted and our two conspiritors found themselves in remarkable accord regarding a "Vision Thing" for the setting of Pirates in the world of "Steampunk."

Ian Field

"What on earth is that?" You may cry.

Picture, if you will, a Victorian world in which the visionary writings of Jules Verne and H G Wells are a reality. A world of Airships and Inventors, Rockets and Rayguns.

Now place our cast of characters within that world.

Simmer gently in a suitably scientific looking retort.

Add in the energy and enthusiasm that MUGSS brings to all it does.

Season with the ambiance of our spendid venue.

Serve with hearty doorsteps of crusty bread and butter, lashings of ginger Beer, a glass of Pirate Sherry and a nice jorum of Earl Grey.

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