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Principal Cast

Frederick - Will Lindsay

Will Lindsay

Will has been in MUGSS for five years, performed four principal parts, directed three shows, completed two University courses, accepted the job of publicity manager once, and has, surprisingly, never served a day on the committee. Pirates is Will's last performance with MUGSS, for he moves to Leeds with his beautiful girlfriend Jen this summer, to commence life as barrister. Will has enjoyed every single moment of performing with MUGSS and looks forward to returning as an old soak. Will bids one and all the fondest of fond adieus.

The Pirate King - Nick Bennett

In playing Sir Marmaduke in last year's MUGSS production, Nicholas Bennett discovered two important things. First, he cannot act. Second, a lack of acting talent is no barrier to a career in MUGSS. Nicholas has been singing since before he could speak. Although, since he still can't speak, this is hardly surprising. His recent solo engagements included working with the Maia Singers in Stockport, and he gave "a performance that wouldn't have looked out of place on the West End stage" as a guest soloist in Tideswell Male Voice Choir's gala concert to a sold out Buxton Opera House last year. Nicholas was described by a fellow principle as "a walking refrigerator." He is still unsure whether this refers to his stature or the quiet whirring sound he emits when at rest.

Samuel - Andy Owens

Andy "Baffled" Owens was born and raised in the West Midlands county of Herefordshire, home to Sir Edward Elgar, Lady Godiva and of course, legendary BBC presenter, Monty Don. Andy's early years saw him flourish as a farm hand, and he has proudly collected the prestigious "Potato Picker of the Year" award, for seven consecutive seasons. Andy's other great passion lies in music, and he has slipped into the role of Samuel, the simple but good natured pirate lieutenant, with unparalleled ease. This performance marks Andy's return to the stage following a nine month absence after sustaining severe head injuries when he fell into the pit during a performance of HMS Pinafore. Critics have suggested his time away has "enhanced his considerable talent, which is evident in his latest role."

The Major General - Ed Owens

Ed Owens

This is to be Ed's final fling with MUGSS. At only 22 years of age he has been cast as bumbling old fogey Major General Stanley. However, Ed has always been a bit of a grumpy old man at heart. Approaching graduation, he has had enough of students and he has resigned himself to the fact that life is best lived wearing tweed, chasing golf balls, and sucking on hard boiled sweets. His lectures in British Imperial history have helped him get to grips with the pomposity and bombast of the Modern Major General and the appalling fake moustache has come in handy too. In the last three years Ed has played Bugsy Malone, a Tory peer in Iolanthe and John Wellington Wells in 2009's 'The Sorcerer'. Next year Ed intends to either pursue his interest in Modern British History or find a job. Any offers would be most appreciated!

The Sergeant of Police - Matt Holker

Ruth - Zoe Wilkinson

Zoe Wilkinson is thrilled to be this year's old hag in Pirates. Although a little concerned to begin with, she was greatly comforted by the Pirate King's reassurance that she is, "only a munter on-stage". Zoe has made such appearances in previous MUGSS productions such as Iolanthe in Iolanthe, Angelina in Trial by Jury, and Phylla in Utopia. She is currently studying for an MA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and also enjoys travelling, reading, tea, and Walnut Whips. She hopes you enjoy the show, and will see you in the bar.

Mabel - Elearnor Hibberd

Edith - Alice Needham

Kate - Jo Plant

After a year spent talking to animals at a zoo in Devon, Jo has returned from temporary old soak status to full blown member. She is chuffed to have her second principal role in MUGSS after playing Phyllis in Iolanthe during her second year. After initial outrage and diva-ish soprano tantrums at being cast as an alto, she has thoroughly enjoyed the change and thanks Mags for helping her get low enough on occasion. This will be Jo's final year in MUGSS as she is graduating in June with a degree in Zoology. Sadly Manchester just doesn't fulfil her animal needs!

The Isabels - Melissa Aston Munslow, Hannah Thorn, Hannah Moss, Hannah Smith, Elizabeth East

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