A story of love, politics and misunderstandings, Iolanthe is one of the most well-known of Gilbert and Sullivan's operettas with gorgeous music and enchanting characters. MUGSS transports this production nearly one hundred years later into 1960s Britain, keeping all the vibrancy of the show as we visually update it for a modern audience. The bright flower fairies and bumbling archaic peers representing the spirit of change will enthral, and the witty dialogue is as funny and relevant as it was when first produced.

We transport Iolanthe into 1960s Britain by visually updating it for a modern audience whilst keeping all the vibrancy of the show. The bright flower themed fairies and the bumbling archaic peers will continue to entertain as well as representing the spirit of the 1960s. The show will retain its host of wonderfully comic characters, and the satirical dialogue which has always made it such a success.

The show ran from 30th April - 3rd May 2008 on the Bruntwood Opera Stage at the RNCM.

From one of the final rehearsals, we have photos of cast in costume.

The Iolanthe Programme is available for download.