East meets west in this classic love story with hilarious comedy and wonderful music. Now with a stunning new production, this vibrant and energetic young group brings its unique perspective to Gilbert & Sullivan's best-loved opera.

The Mikado is arguably one of the most popular of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, having stood the test of time since 1885. The show is a rollicking "rom-com" embracing great music cut with humour and adventure.

In a town where flirting is punishable by death, Nanki Poo is prepared to lose his head, literally, for the love of his life. Will love be triumphant? Can everyone keep their heads? What is the meaning of the Mikado's surprise visit? Find out as MUGSS presents one of the most famous love stories of all time, aptly enough on St Valentine's Day!

In the spirit of Gilbert's original writing style, this year's production sees MUGSS drawing inspiration from contemporary culture, taking influences from Indian film and dance with bright colours, visually stunning choreography and a seven foot tall ceremonial elephant!

The Mikado Programme is available for download.