Manchester Universities' Gilbert and Sullivan Society presented Rock Trial from 24 – 26th November 2005. CDs and DVDs of the second Saturday night performance are available, and the show is now online. We also have photos.

TRIAL BY JURY was intended as an exclusive funny number for a Gentlemen's Club: I intend to keep the humour as recognisable and up-to-date as it was then, drawing on the rich satirical characters and the fantastic funky new music. Pow! Zam! Baby! Yeah!

Outrageous silliness that takes a swipe at corrupt judges, horny men, and scheming women in a fast and furious satire. Completely rescored with contemporary music replacing Sullivan's original orchestral score. Justin Morley has spent nine years introducing G&S to the delights of funk, gospel, swing, and even country and western.


Cad Edwin has abandoned his fiancée Angelina for another, claiming nature herself forces him to indulge himself with other nubile young lovelies. Undeterred in her quest for cash she takes him to court to sue for damages. The lecherous Judge and Jury fall for the gold-digger instantly, but who'll end up with the girl and the bill?

The Programme.