front cover of the programme

There was a bit of excitement on the show front for 2003/04, since it was only the second time in our history that MUGSS had performed Princess Ida.

Described by SavoyNet as "the odd one out" of Gilbert and Sullivan's work, Ida was first performed at the Savoy Theatre on the 5th January 1884. It has three major differences from the norm: It is the only of the shows based on work by another author, it is the only one where the libretto is written in blank verse and it was also written in three acts.

The show was based on a play written by Gilbert some years before called "The Princess", which was in turn based on the poem of the same name by Lord Tennyson.

A selection of the finale of Act II is available to listen to, and a recording of out-takes from the Ida documentary are also online. The programme from the show is available as a PDF : ida2004.pdf (9Mb).