front cover of the programme

MUGSS 1999

The Sorcerer



Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre an elderly Baronet ...Chris Randell
Alexis Pointdextre his son, in the Grenadier Guards...James Hutchinson
Dr Daly Vicar of Ploverleigh...Alex Bishop
A Notary...Will O'Brien
Jane Wellington Wells of J.W. Wells & Company, Family Sorcerers...Helen Fieldsend
Lady Sangazure A Lady of Ancient Lineage...Isabella Barton
Aline Sangazure her daughter, betrothed to Alexis...Helen Watson
Mrs Partlet a Pew-Opener...Bethany Burrow
Constance Partlet her daughter...Penny Richards
Lawyers...Andrew Edmonstone, Richard Sullivan
Sorcerer's Assistants...Aimee Ashbaugh, Bill Ryall


Hercules Sukebind a gamekeeper Matt Lees
Martha Suet a cook Tessa Evans
Bartholomew Mouldsworthy a butler Alasdair King


Eli Furrower Darren Arukianathan
Seth Sheepshank a shepherd Chris Drayton
Ezekiel Hoe a harvester Mahinda Kularatne
Ruben Parsnip Bill Ryall
Clothilda Plowshore Victoria Cooper
Edith Heifer Aimee Ashbaugh
Mabel Churnley Lucy Johnson
Judith Parsley Beth Francis
Hester Clothworthy Lisa Payne
Sarah Ewe Carol O'Dea
Maisie Sage Elisabeth Castro


Fanny Price Helen Taylor
Anne Elliot Katherine O'Rourke
Matilda Starkadder Elizabeth Tattersall
Lucy Steele Marlene Continente
Minnie Bebe Judy Stanley


Jack Hill Tim Simmons
John Dean Mark Wilmott
Robert Worthing Paul Coley
Will Cuthbert Chris Hopkins

Friends of Alexis and Aline

Algernon Vyse Matthew Callaghan
Hugh Moncrieff Peter Roberts
Cecil St John le Clerq Lee Potiphar
Gwendoline Morland Susanna Wilding
Hermione Lavish Nicola Ireland
Cassandra Honeychurch Kate Stinchcombe


Samuel Giblet a butcher Phil Ashworth
Joseph Batch a baker Ron Haselgrove
Jacob Snippett a barber Jim Symcox
Moll Scarlett a whore Leda Channer
Ada Doom Liz Holden
Elsie Cripps Hannah Jones

Buxom wenches

Faith Primrose Amy Scourfield
Hope Buttercup Carol McKay
Charity Bluebell Ruth Finlayson


Chairman - Matt Lees Chairman - Chris Drayton
Treasurer - Mike Thomas Treasurer - Ruth Finlayson
Secretary - Tracey Low Secretary - Beth Francis
Social Secretary - Aimee Ashbaugh
Publicity/Marketing - Bethany Burrow
Ordinaries - Andrew Edmonstone
Nicola Ireland
Chris Lamb


Director Jo Taylor
Musical Director Emma Farrell
Production Manager Steve Smith
Designer Jo Taylor
Lighting Designer Dave Ball
FX Designer Chris Lamb
Choreographer Toy Jolora
Rehearsal Accompianist Mike Harris
Set Designer Eliot Walker
Technical Facilitator Mark Boardman
Properties Sarah Greenhalgh, Catherine Reid, Emma Hateley
Stage Manager Eliot Walker
Deputy Stage Manager Mike Thomas
Assistant Stage Managers Dave Tildesley, Ben Seaby
Set Manager Philip Williams
Lighting Dave Ball, Chris Lamb
Make-Up Elizabeth Castro
Rehearsal Catering Andrew Edmonstone, Steve Smith
Ticket Sales Manager Alasdair King
Photography Gareth Knight
Front of House Manager Edward Pickering
Deputy Front of House Managers Anna Dilley, Richard Bolton
Front of House Judith Lock, Dewi Johns, Emma Flatters, Rachel Whittaker, Catherine Clapp, Sarah Allwood, Elaine Drayton, Ali Balkwill, Marianne Fleming
Costume Manager Tracey Low
Programme Editor Pete England
Programme Design MMG Design (0161 248 6616)
Poster Advertising Bethany Burrow
Poster Design Susanna Wilding, Chris Lamb
Websites Mark Boardman, Penny Richards, Alasdair King
Orchestra Manager Helen Warman
Stage Crew and Set Team Stuart Turton, Emma Flatters, Chris Jones, Chris Hopkins, Alasdair Ferro, Eliot Walker, Rob Allen, Ben Seaby, Nick 'Shifty' Welburn, Richard Bolton, Dave Tildesley, Colin Cort, Andy Briggs, Geraldine Foley, Fran Anderson, Carol O'Dea, Nigel Machin, Roger Quinn, Sarah Thistlethwaite, Steve Smith, Andrew Edmonstone, Chris Lamb, Grahame Jebb
Costume Team Elisabeth Castro, Anna Dilley, Susanna Wilding, Marianne Fleming, Matt's Mum, Catherine Clapp, Eliot Walker, Emma Flatters, Aimee Ashbaugh, Fran Anderson, Isabella Barton, Julia Fleming, Kim Low, Helen Taylor, Rachel Whittaker, Jo Taylor, Chris Lamb (special thanks to Dewi's floor and Tracey's hallway, and to the team chauffeurs, Tim, Nick, Jackie, David, Matt et al)


From the Director's Notes
"I have decided not to present the first night version of the show, but are instead sticking with the changes that Gilbert himself made during the run. Thus 'Happy Are We In Our Loving Frivolity' has been replaced with both ''Tis Twelve I Think' and the extremely comic 'Why, Where Be Oi?'. I think, as Gilbert did, that this makes for a more interesting and dramatic show".

The production was performed with a woman in the title role: Helen Fieldsend sang 'My Name Is Jane Wellington Wells' and the libretto was otherwise unaltered. Lady Sangazure (Isabella Barton) did indeed pursue the Sorceress around the stage under the influence of the love-philtre.


Recordings provided courtesy of the marvellous Mike Harris.

Parts of the recording provided kindly by Chris Rufty Hopkins.


The mysterious alchemical symbol of the Sorcerer graces the programme cover.
The programme cover