front cover of the programme

MUGSS 1988

The Pirates of Penzance


Cast (in order of appearance)

Frederic, The Pirate Apprentice...Jim Lawless
The Pirate King...Andrew Hill
Samuel, his Lieutenant...Maxwell Phelps
Ruth, a Pirate Maid...Jackie Smith
Edith...Tamsin Collinson
Kate...Sue Lee
Isabel...Heidi Jones
Mabel...Amanda Gedge
Major-General Stanley...Howard Atkinson
Sergeant of Police...Maurice White
Special Guest Appearance...Amanda Laing

Daughters of Major-General Stanley

Wendy Bailey, Leela Baksi, Suzanne Bird, Kim Brown, Judith Bradshaw, Mary Jane Bugg, Sarah Cassidy, Sarah Caukwell, Madeleine Childs, Sherryl Copley, Joanne Davies, Catherine Guivers, Jo Harvey, Ruth Hinton, Elaine Howarth, Lucy Howlett, Justine Incoll, Karen Jackman, Jane Latham, Amanda Laing, Deborah Lehmann, Tamzin Little, Deborah Maloney, Catherine Phillips, Tracey Roberts, Julia Russell, Louise Slater, Lesley Stene, Helen Taylor, Jeanette Thomas, Emma Tyrell, Lorraine Warren, Fiona Waters, Alison Williams, Clare Wilson, Heather Woodford

Pirates and Policemen

Phil Ashworth, Michael Ashworth, Imogen Bridgeman, Joe Camilleri, Simon Copley, Amanda Cowan, Giles Dean, Adam Dickens, Louise Fielden, Emma Freedman, Kevin Glass, Mike Harris, Tom Hartman, Ron Haselgrove, Jeff Laing, Richard Lowe, Debbie McAndrew, Claire Nowell, Andrew Savage, John Simmonds, Keith Skipsey, Nick Stockdale, Kieran Taylor-Thomas, Jeremy Trevis


ChairmanAndrew Savage
TreasurerKeith Skipsey
SecretaryTamsin Collinson
Social SecretariesImogen Bridgeman
Claire Nowell
Publicity OfficerAmanda Laing
CommitteeHoward Atkinson
Kevin Glass


Director Gerda Redlich
Musical Director John Bethell

Apologies, we don't have the rest of the production team.