front cover of the programme

MUGSS 1983

The Yeomen of the Guard


Dramatis Personae

Sir Richard Cholmondley Lieutenant of the Tower...Jeff Laing
Colonel Fairfax under sentence of death...Julian Grammer
Sergeant Merryl of the Yeomen of the Guard...Dave Bolton
Leonard Merrylhis son...Michael Dhonau
Jack Pointa strolling player...Adrian Livsey
Wilfred Shadbolthead jailor and assistant tormentor...Paul Eccleson
First Yeoman...Andrew Savage
Second Yeoman...Giles Dallaway
Third Yeoman...Richard Pennicard
The Headsman...Peter Brown
Elsie Maynarda strolling player...Julie Jessop
Phoebe MerrylSergeant Merryl's daughter...Mary Dolan
Dame CarruthersHousekeeper to the Tower...Caroline Adams
Kateher niece...Kate Grammer


Mike Ashworth, Chris Bourne, Mike Charlesworth, Michael Douthwaite, Mike Ellis, Peter Gaunt, Mike Harris, David Helicon, Ian Linderman, David Morris, Andy Sutcliffe, Jim Symcox, Tony Vallely


Peter Brown, Colin Mckensie, Robin Perry, Jackie Broomfield, Debbie Caves, Bernadette Crossman, Yasmin Daniels, Berber de Vries, Josje Dominicus, Denise Gaunt, Roo Gill, Megan Goring, Carol Hartley, Jenny Hartshorne, Amanda Henderson, Alison Hynes, Racheal Holland, Anna James, Anne-Maria Laker, Ann McVeigh, Sarah Marshall, Sandra Prince, Kate Stogdon, Jackie Strong, Cathy Winfield


ChairmanAndy Sutcliffe
SecretaryBernadette Crossman
TreasurerAndrew Savage
PublicityKate Grammer
Social secretaryPaul Eccleson
Business ManagersIan Linderman
Tony Vallely
Ordinary MembersCarol Hartley
Julia Gauntley


Andrew Lane
Musical Director
John Bethell
Dedrie Candlin
Production Assistants
Julia Gauntley
Claire Louise Davis
Set Designers
Simon Gornick
Nicole Tonero
Wardrobe Mistresses
Roo Gill
John Bampton
Front of House
Marguerite Dalton
Fiona Smythe
Mary McClusky
Morris White
Nick Conefry
Peter Jones
Rehearsal Accompanists
Mike Harris
Colin Berry
Christian Grammer


Stout Yeomen defend their beloved land. From the right: Giles Dallaway, Jim Symcox and Mike Charlesworth.