MUGSS 1973



Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd
Ian Hamilton
Richard Dauntless
Philip Bingham
Sir Despard Murgatroyd of Ruddygore
James Ogden
Old Adam Goodheart
Philip Sweet
Rose Maybud
Elizabeth Whittle
Mad Margaret
Janet Wunderley
Dame Hannah
Elizabeth Parkes
Pamela Searle
Elizabeth Chapman
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd
Howard Totty
Chorus of Professional Bridesmaids and Villagers
Marie Barter, Hilary Bastow, Gaynor Caldwell, Elaine Carnock, Penny Currall, Joy Ellis, Gwyn Griffiths, Brenda Hardman, Ann Harris, Barbara Higenbottam, Nora Kelly, Marion Lumb, Susan Mann, Margaret Murphy, Jane Proffitt, Janine Roebuck, Angela Rogres, Clare Selden, Caroline Thomas, Jane Walkder, Kathryn Williamson, Debra Wiltshire, Gillian Wright
Chorus of Bucks, Blades and Ancestors
David Coleman, Mike Harris, John Humphreys, Mike Kolanko, Mike Langford, Mike Lean, John Petrie, Colin Price, Nicholas Reed, John Roberts, Antony Royle, Gordon Wiltshire


Majorie Hold
Musical Director
John E. Bethell
Stage Director
Paul H. Robinson
Stage Manager
Peter Spencer
Lighting Designer
Alan Carlisle
Lighting Manager
David Evans
Wardrobe Mistress
Elizabeth Kelly
Orchestra Manager
Rupert Bottermley
Front of House Manager
Christine Hamilton
Ticket Secretary
Alan Wagstaff
David Littley, Mike Harris
Programme Photographs
Bernard O'Keefe
Cover Design
Jeremy Pearson
Programme Compilers
Philip Sweet, Gwyn Griffiths



T. Willcock Icecreams
Haigh and Hochland Ltd booksellers.
Lancs High Fidelity Limited
Hodge's Bakery
Lambert Brothers (Preston) Ltd
Marshall Roberts Ltd
Business Equipment Ltd


Umbrellas by courtesy of Lawtex, Failsworth

Chairman's Page

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Over the past few months many people have come to me to and asked the question "Why Ruddygore". The answer is quite simple. During the 26 years of the Society's existence, we have never, until now, produced this opera. Consequently, after the great success of last year's production of "Princess Ida" and when we knew for certain that Mrs. Marjorie Holt and Mr John Bethell, last year's producer and musical director, would be returning to work with us again, we decided that for 1973 it had to be something new and something special; hence "Ruddygore".
This year has been a most eventful one for the society; we have so far sung in four concerts in and around Manchester, including two concert performances of "The Pirates of Penzance" and a full concert version of "Ruddygore" and the year is by no means over yet.
If you came to last year's production of "Princess Ida" you were no doubt thrilled by the beautiful singing of Rosalind Griffiths in the title role and you will be pleased to hear she is now a member of the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company.
It is not our custom to make long and boring speeches on the last night of hte show so may I here and now give my thanks to those tireless and imaginative "back-room boys" and girls who make our productions possible. May I also thank the University of Manchester Union whose understanding and financial support has enabled us to present the show which you are about to see. I have already mentioned our producer and musical director and I speak on behalf of the whole society when I say what a great pleasure it has been to work with them again this year.
In conclusion, I hope sincerely that you will enjoy the show as much as we have enjoyed its rehearsal.
Philip J Bingham.


Complete recordings of this show (and all from 1964 onwards) can be purchased on CD from Mike Harris, our Society Archivist