MUGSS 1970



Sue Mosco
Janet Wunderley
George Meakin
Earl Tolloller
Alan Carlisle
Lord Chancellor
Ian Hamilton
Earl of Mountararat
Philip Sutcliffe
Private Willis
John Bowden
Fairy Queen
Jenny Hislop
Rosalind Griffiths, Lorraine Kenny, Vida Schepens
Fairy Chorus
Patricia Bradley, Margaret Hill, Joan Orchard, Rosemary Cadman-Smith, Elizabeth Keller, Annette Ridgway, Liz Chapman, Nora Kelly, Ann Rowbotham, Jaci Drysdale, Margaret Lindley, Joyce Stansfield, Karen Griffiths, Christina Lowis, Marilyn Taylor, Brenda Hardman, Susan Mann, Ann Harris, Tamara Morland
Chorus of Peers
Mike Birks, John Humphreys, David Stevenson, John Boileau, Galen Ives, Philip Sweet, Eric Franklin, Mike Langford, Mick Thurman, Geraint Griffiths, Michaeal Lean, Richard Way, Mike Harris, Keith Maiden, Peter Wiles, Nicolas Henshall, Niglet Sheldon, Bob Standing, Ray Hill


Cliff Walker
Musical Director
Keith Hoskinson
Stage Manager
Paul Robinson
David Littley, Mike Harris
Ticket Secretary
Philip Sweet
House Manager
Jeff Brailsford
Paul Robinson, Richard Lads
Margaret Brailsford, Sara Small
Rita Cullis, Jackie Grey
Programme Photos
Paul Robinson


Today, "Iolanthe" is one of the most popular of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas, coming after only "The Mikado" and "The Gondoliers" in the affection in which it is held by the public. Written immediately after "Patience" and before "Princess Ida", it achieved an original run of just over thirteen months, being first seen on Saturday, 25th November 1882 and having its 398th and final performance on Tuesday, the 1st January, 1884. During rehearsals, the opera was known as "Perola" and the title was only changed on hte opening night. It didn not escape the notice of the contemporary press that the title "Perola" would have been the fourth "P" title in succession. Pinafore, Pirates and Patience having preceeded it. The reasl reason for the change was probably that it would prevent pirating of the name and the opera. But be the reason what it may, the name "Iolanthe" could hardly have been bettered.
For our production of the opera, we welcome back Cliff Walker. "Iolanthe" was Cliff's first production for the Society in 1964 and he has since produced for us "The Gondoliers" (1965), "The Mikado" (1967) and "The Yeoman of the Guard" (1968). We are once again under the baton of the tireless Keith Hoskinson, and we hope this combination will produce a very acceptable entertainment for our audiences.


Complete recordings of this show (and all from 1964 onwards) can be purchased on CD from Mike Harris, our Society Archivist