Hiring from MUGSS

Score Hire

Over the years, our society archivist Mike Harris has collected scores and band parts for many of Gilbert and Sullivan's shows. Generously, Mike offers a hire service for much of this material, to help other groups who may wish to perform G&S shows. We now have two sets for each show available.

Full details of this service can be obtained contacting us on hire@mugss.org

A quick summary is as follows:

  • We can hire copies of the full scores and band parts for £70 plus postage.

Lost or badly defaced band parts are charged at £7.50 each and lost or damaged full score costs £50.00


The MUGSS Crew has been known to do set commissions for other societies, please contact committee@mugss.org for more information

For societies and other groups in Manchester requiring technical assistance, MUGSS recommends contacting Manchester Universities Technical Theatre Society.

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