Need to contact the people who run the society? Never fear, we have a whole collection of e-mail addresses for you to choose from: Sends a message to all the committee members Goes straight to the society chair Contacts both of the society treasurers Mails both of the society secretaries Directed to our socials secretary This address contacts the Ordinary Members of the committee. All mails to this go to the society ticket manager. This address goes to the people responsible for info for the ex members of the society Use this address to contact our director This year's musical director can be reached at this address. Mail for the production manager should be sent to this address
For contacting the whole production team This is the address for the society archivist, Mike Harris Mail for the person doing the programme / posters for this years show can be sent here. Redirected to the people responsible for society and show publicity. Sent to this year's orchestra manager – the person responsible for organising our musicians. Sent to this year's Sponsorship Manager.
Mail for our stage manager should be sent here. The manager of the MUGSS Set Store. Mail for our Webmasters should be sent here.